What Are The Changes In White Tea While Increase Of Aging Years

During the storage of white tea, polyphenols, caffeine, amino acids, and other substances are constantly less, while flavonoids are increasing. But the premise is that in a certain period, although white tea can be stored for a long time, raw materials, storage methods, and technology are indispensable.

5 Skills You Should Take Can Make Tea Soup Sweet And Delicious

Tea is a condiment of life. If you learn how to make tea, you can also hone your will.Why is the tea made by others good to drink, sweet and refreshing, while the tea made by oneself is bitter and astringent, and it always feels bad to drink? Read more you will find the answer.

What Is The Meaning Of “Zen Tea” When You Drink Tea?

“Zen Tea” is also called “Chan Cha Yiwei”.For tea friends, must be familiar with these words when you guys drink tea. Zen, Buddhism refers to meditation, meditation.Tea and Zen are two kinds of culture. They have been in contact with each other in their long historical development.

What Are Famous Teas In Chongqing

There are many kinds of tea in Chongqing, including Laoyin tea, Banan Yinzhen tea, Chongqing Tuo tea, Yongchuan Xiuya tea, Fuling white tea, etc.

What is Baihao Silver Needle White Tea And How to Identify The Quality

Baihao silver needle belongs to white tea, micro fermented tea, named after its plump buds, covered with white hair, like hidden snow. Origin: Fuxi, Toutou, Taimu mountain, Zhenghe, etc. Process: withering, drying, and picking. It is white and thick in color. Aroma: pure and fragrant. Soup color: light apricot yellow, clear and bright Taste: fresh, mellow, and full of…

Drink More “Fuding White Tea” In The “Autumn Tiger” Season

What is the Autumn Tiger? “Autumn tiger” in meteorology refers to the weather above 35 ℃ after a short period of heat recovery after the major period of summer. It usually appears after the beginning of autumn and ends at the solar term of summer. Its duration is 7-15 days, that is, at the turn…

All About Taiping Houkui You Should Know

All About Taiping Houkui You Should Know Taiping Houkui is one of the most famous tea in Chinese history. Taiping Houkui is a kind of green tea. It is produced in Taiping County (now Huangshan District, Huangshan City) of Anhui Province. It is the best tea. In 1912, Taiping tea merchants selected top buds tea from…

How to Make Rose Mint Tea At Home

How to Make Rose Mint Tea At Home? mint tea is an amazing beverage and that it’s delicious? If you’re a fan of both rose and mint flavors, then you need to try this tea. It’s easy to make at home, and the flavor is amazing. Keep reading for instructions on how to make your own rose mint tea. You won’t regret it!