Emei Xueya Green Tea Brew Guide

About Emei Xueya Green Tea

Emei snow bud produced in Emei mountain (Sichuan ,China) at an altitude of 800-1200 meters . Cloud and mist round this mountain all the year. Major sub-mountains are emptiness, Bai Yanfeng, herself akagi peak, tianchi temple area .

Emei Snow bud tea has features with flat, flat, smooth, straight. Pointed to the characteristics of the bubble is the fragrance fragrance, colour and lustre is pale green oil moisten, looked pale green and bright. Taste fresh quietly elegant, uniform.

Emei Xueya green tea

 Emei snow bud green tea has the content of polyphenols, tea polysaccharide, vitamin B complex vitamins, purines, amino acids . The main ingredients are far higher than many other Chinese famous teas,Within the garden, no pesticide residues, no heavy metal element content . Within these health care function, it was gradually known by the public in recent years .

Emei Xueya green tea
Emei Xueya green tea brewing guide

Brewing Guide

  • Scoop 1 teaspoon Emei Xueya tea (about 2g) into glass tea cup (or Gai Wan).
  • Preheat tea cup with boiled water.
  • Pour about 150 ml(~5oz) with the temperature around 80℃~ 85℃(176 ~ 185 Fahrenheit) and brewing about 2-3 minutes then serve. 

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